Monday, January 26, 2009

Thank You Universal Sports

The Universal Sports network, home of what most consider fringe sports (Downhill skiing, XC Skiing, running) all of which I love, actually aired the Crossvegas race on Sunday evening. The station also mentioned in a commercial that they will be airing the World Cyclocross Championships. So if you get a chance drop them a thank you email so we can hopefully get more of cross racing on the television in the future.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

La Bocca della Verità (The Mouth of Truth)

This is pretty fun. Someone created a group on Flickr for people that had their picture take at the Mouth of Truth in Rome. It took Kelly and I a couple of days of searching, but we finally found it.

Belgian Frites!!

Kelly spent all afternoon cutting potatoes into 1 cm x 1 cm sticks for these Belgian Frites, and it took us about 3 minutes to eat them all!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

French Bread

Made some french bread this week. I used this recipe Still need to tweak the taste a bit, but they came out nice a crunchy. Still not as holey as you find in a bakery, but from what I read this is more due to limitations of baking in a residential kitchen than me following directions. At least that is what I am telling myself.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow Running

Went out for a run today in the snow. Not as nimble as this snow leapord, but trying to act like one. I think if I had the big tail like it does I might have a shot. My route took me through Riverside and with all the snow on the ground and the trees it made for a really beautuful backdrop. Running through some of the deep snow really is a full body workout, as you are always correcting to stay upright. I really enjoy the snow when I am using it for recreational pursuits, but trying to get anywhere becomes a big hassle.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Long time, no post

I can't believe it has been a month since my last post. With the Holiday season it feels like yesterday that I was writing thawing out from Montrose writing my race report. So this is what I have been doing since then, in no particular order:

  • Thankfully had an uneventful drive down to Louisville for Christmas (no snow or deer)
  • Spent Christmas with my family in Louisville and learned I am not very good at Texas Hold em
  • Kelly and I had our annual Holiday Thursday in the City and ate at Frontera Grill. May is that place good.
  • Went to a couple of Christmas Parties with the in laws and Kelly's family
  • Went to the Map Room a couple of times. Their beer menu is amazing!!
  • Added peanut butter and cranberries to my banana bread recipe which I think are nice additions to the recipe
  • Had a really fun New Years Eve, actually too much fun and was regretting it the next day
  • I have been running 3-4 times a week, and signed up to run the Shamrock Shuffle in March
  • Signed up to take the AICP exam to become a certified urban planner. Fortunately or Unfortunately depending on how you look at it I have the time to devote to studying for the exam right now.
  • Made a bread with Semolina Flour
  • Pickled Jalapenos (super hot) and Sweet and Spicy Pickles, and do have to say they are really good
  • Tried to make fudge twice but couldn't get it to firm up correctly. I guess I just don't have my dad's touch for making fudge.
  • And I also still have this going through me head. I think I may tape a copy of this photo to my handlebars to keep me motivated for next year. It is perfect that Nevada Dave can be seen in the foreground.

Photo by: Venicen

Even with my unemployment Kelly and I had a great 2008; spending a lot of time with family and friends, meeting some great new friends, visiting some really cool places, seeing some really great concerts, and I hope that 2009 brings more of the same, and of course a job for me :)